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The soaring demand for property is contributing to the steady increase in UK house prices. In one of the latest surveys, economists have said prices across the UK are now approximately 5.8% more that it was a year ago, 2012. Given the increase in demand and prices, buyers need to work with distinguished real estate agents to get the reliability they deserve.


Do you need reliable real estate service?

We are here to meet your needs. We have been in the property business for decades and an impeccable record of providing our customers with exceptional real estate service. We are well known for providing affordable astonishing range of town houses, country estates, flats, retirement housing, apartments, and farms. To the needs of the local community, we have hired a team of local specialist throughout the UK. They help our customers to select their ideal home choices from a wide range of residential property-from amiable cottages to splendid country houses and estates.


Our guarantee

We guarantee to connect you with trustworthy sellers, and help you plan a head, do your search, and prepare you to be ready to move ahead. Renting is one effective way of getting to know areas before committing to purchase a property, so offer opportunities for our customers to rent a property before  making up their minds.


However, even in considerably difficult markets, some properties are more attractive to buyers than others are because of location, potential, or character. Because they are, consequently, attractive to sellers, cash buyers will always move a head of others.

What you should know about Variable Rate Mortgages and Help to Buy Scheme

v  Variable Rate mortgages come in various categories, including discounted rate, standard variable, and tracker rate. The interest rate of these mortgages often fluctuates. Despite that, they do not protect borrowers from future rate increases, they make borrowers benefit from low payments when interests rates are low.


v  Tracker rate mortgages- They allow borrowers’ payments to fluctuate as the rates fluctuate in line with changes to the Bank of England base rates.



v  Standard variable rate mortgage- The fees for remortgaging or taking out are comparatively low. Unlike tracker, an SVR have low set-up costs and no early repayment charges


v  Fixed rates- These rates do not change for a specific set duration. Fixed rates help homebuyers to know precisely what they will need to pay, giving them psychological and economic security, hence making budgeting easy.



v  Help to Buy Scheme – The government provides 20% deposit and allows borrowers to apply for the mortgage guarantee. Existing homebuyers and first time buyers are eligible. The mortgage applies to both new and old-build properties costing up to £600,000. A homebuyer needs to make a deposit of at least 5% and take out a repayment mortgage. Besides, they need to demonstrate they can afford the repayments and have a clean credit history.


With the help to buy scheme, you can afford a mortgage. However depending on your needs, you can choose other mortgages, and by working with us get value for your money.

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Excellent as always, are words can use to describe the work you have done again. I think you have handled every aspect of buying the property with much sensitivity and thought making me to be sure of making profit

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Your support staff was a team of good communicators.  They demonstrated comprehensive understand of how stressful this experience can be.  They kept us informed throughout and showed great sympathy. You count not have done better

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